Chapter One, Page 1

Decisions. Do I want to go to the NFL or do I want to be a writer? No one is going to believe this is happening, but these are the decisions I am compelled to make. The NFL calling and getting a book deal at the same time is overwhelming. I need to tell my parents, my family and friends the good news. I hope they will be happy for me. My uncle is going to cry when I move to Washington. I’ll only be gone through football season. Soon I’ll be back in OKC. Look at me. I’m already talking as if I’ve made the decision. Can I do both? Imanme thinks I can because he thinks I can do anything. I feel as though he hung the moon and the stars just for me. After 5 minutes with him it became imminent that we belonged together. 

How do I tell you about him? He’s powerful, charming, and sweet. Meeting him for the first time was a riveting experience. One could say it was true love at first sight. I think he’d say the same. I look forward to making love to him every night. He whispers how much he loves me all while giving me the best dick of my life.

I love his smile and the way he hangs a suit. He has a way of lighting up a room. Imanme made me love him. He is the most driven man I know.  When he sets his mind to something he achieves it. He is a man that can make things happen. I'm eager to learn his ways. He fuels me with an inexhaustible excitement. 

We exercised our minds together when we would discuss worldly issues. When we weren’t talking politics, him mainly shooting down my ideas, we were laughing. He has the funniest jokes about Bill. I have a few too.

And before we get off the phone at night we discuss our love for each other. When do we tell people about us? Imanme would be in Oklahoma for the next 2 days. I think it is the perfect time.

Chapter One, Page 2


A month ago my mom gave my private cell phone number to a gentlemen she thought would be perfect for me. I was mortified. She doesn’t know about Imanme. I guess if and when she reads my diary I will be prepared to answer her questions.

When he arrived in Oklahoma he phoned me first thing, “Sequoya darling, I’m in town.” He always called me darling just before things got interesting. “I know baby. Its all over the news.” “Are you ready for tonight?” He asked. Knowing I would see him soon resulted in my inability to speak. I wanted to scream but I remained calm. It had been weeks since we made love and tonight he was in town to end the drought. “I got my red pumps in my overnight bag just for you,” I flirted. “Good girl,” he said and ended the call.

During the day our conversations were brief. Being surrounded by people he didn't trust, he was evasive. While everyone else was asleep we would be awake soaking up each other’s love. Tonight would be an analogy of the night before. I was counting the seconds until he told me to head his way. He could never come to me. I always had to go to him.

I was blasting the music on the radio when I almost missed a call. Her real name was Stephanie Mendoza but I called her Steph and manager. “Hey lady,” I answered while turning down the music. “Tell me something good.” She always started most of our conversations that way. “Are you moving to Washington or New York?” “When did New York get thrown in there? Steph, what have you done?”

Well,” she started. This couldn’t be good. “Since there is buzz around your book I negotiated a deal that could have your book out by the end of the year if you move to New York.” I was new to this business but I knew having a book out in 6 months was unorthodox. The thought excited me but I knew there was more to the story than what she had disclosed. “What’s the catch?” “There’s no catch. You would simply agree to help with your manuscript.” “What does that look like Steph!” I was getting aggravated. She was not telling me everything and I didn’t have time for this. Not when Imanme was in town and could call at any moment. “Ok, ok,” she finally caved. “You could get assistance with a ghost writer. It would still be your book but you wouldn’t write all of it.”

I had come this far alone and although I’m sure they had the best in the business at the publishing house I wanted every word to be my own. I wasn’t ready to break the news to her just in case she was right. “Can I think about it?” “Of course. How long you need…a day or two?” “How about I get back to you by next week?” We ended the call. I felt my stress level escalating. I hated to disappoint her knowing she had worked to get the deal but I wasn’t completely sold. I placed the phone down and rubbed my temples. Ring, Ring! Not again, I thought to myself. I knew she was calling me back to try again. She was relentless, but that’s what made her so good.

I placed my forehead on the table and answered, “Hello.”

“How soon can you get here?” A familiar voice said. I shelved Steph’s conversation along with the book, grabbed my bag, and headed out the door. I had so much to tell him but right now the only thing I needed was his arms around me. Everything else could wait.

Chapter One, Page 3

“Baby,” I walked in and burst into tears. He grabbed me pulling me into his body. He held me tight and said, “Tell me everything. I’m here for you.” It wasn’t the entrance I imagined but it was the one I needed. “My manager thinks I should move to New York, I have to tell the NFL something soon, and I don’t get enough time with you,” I cried. “All my dreams are coming true and I’m extremely thankful but I’m having trouble making a decision. I just don’t know what to do.” Imanme let me have my moment kissing my tears at the same time. These were life changing decisions and I understood the importance of them. I hated that it wasn’t clear what I was supposed to do.

“I guess this isn’t the time to tell you about my surprise.” I hated surprises but I loved his. “What?” I wiped my eyes. “I want you to come to China with me for a week?” “Really,” I said smiling. He could always make it better and I loved him for it. “Well,” he said. “Are you coming or what? This is just what you need. Time away to think and clear your head. I guarantee you’ll be able to make a decision next week.” I already knew the answer was yes I just hadn’t told him. I thought it was cute the way he pleaded his case. He was the most powerful man I knew although he was weak for me and my tears at that moment. “Of course I’ll come with you,” I said and we kissed. We kissed the rest of the night.


Chapter One, Page 4


I woke up before he did and smiled at the man I loved. Imanme was taking me overseas for my first time and I couldn’t be happier. There was so much I wanted to see and do when I was there. Thanking him properly was of the essence so I woke him up.

I slid my hand down his bare chest passing his navel and entered his boxer briefs. He wore them so well. “Good morning baby,” I whispered and nibbled on his ear holding him in my hand. He was ready for me to ride. I thought about getting naked but I wanted to tease him instead. I straddled him, my nightie still on, and bit my bottom lip. “Wake up,” I said. “Oh, I’m up,” he said and looked down at his dick. He wasn’t lying. He was so hard. I eased the tip of him inside of me and came down on it just the way he liked.

“Did you miss me, baby?” I asked working him into a frenzy. His face said he did. He loved this little thing I did with my hips…and I did it so well.

I could wake up to this for the rest of my life, I thought. I rested beside him after making love all morning. Imanme was a great distraction but I needed to make a decision. Book, or NFL? Which one did I love more?


Chapter One, Page 5

We spent the weekend traveling to China. I was mixed with emotions when we landed. Imanme and I had never been together for longer than a weekend. I felt this would be the ultimate test for our relationship. Could this be forever?

I had several messages when I turned on my phone. They were all from Steph. I thought about calling her back but I hadn’t reached a decision so I turned my phone off again. Jet lag was wearing off and excitement was setting in as I looked around the plush hotel room. I had never stayed in places this nice until I met him. I hugged him tight placing my head on his chest. I was thankful and I wanted to make sure he knew it.

“So what am I supposed to do while you’re at work?” I asked. He smiled, “You can do whatever you want. Go shopping, read, sight see…whatever you want baby.” This was life with Imanme. There was nothing I couldn’t have but I still wasn’t used to it. I had never had a man take care of me until him. “Are you apart of the independent women movement?” He joked. “No!” I said defending myself. “You don’t understand. I’m independent because I’ve never had another option.” He didn’t retaliate with a joke. He walked over to me and took my hand. I was discomposed at the idea that whatever I had done in the past didn’t produce the present results. I blamed myself.

He took his free hand and caressed the side of my face. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yea,” I said. “I’m fine.” “You don’t look as though you're fine. What’s wrong?” “I guess I’m somewhat perplexed. I simply don't know how to relax and allow a man take care of me. What if I start to depend on you and you do a 180? Then what will I do?” I wasn’t even sure it was okay for me to ask questions like this but I needed to know. He lead me to take a seat. “Sequoya darling, you just have to trust that I will never hurt you.”

He layed me back on the bed overtaking my body. I closed my eyes as I felt his lips on my neck. I knew what was next. Imanme had not given me a reason to distrust him but I was afraid he would break my heart. In my head he was brilliant and I was just a plain Jane from the country with enormous dreams.

What in the world did this man see in me?

Chapter One, Page 6

Imanme got up early for work. I stayed in bed. “I’m leaving my card right here,” he said placing it on the desk. “Also, there is a car downstairs that will take you anywhere you want to go.” “What time are you coming back? Do you want to meet for lunch?” I asked. “Probably can’t do lunch but we will have dinner together,” he said and kissed my forehead. “Have fun today,” he smiled and left.

I closed my eyes and thought about what it would be like to stand next to coach when the season starts. Going to the NFL was definitely in my future but I loved writing just as much. I wondered how the journey of the first girl in the NFL would sell, or maybe a weekly article about the experience itself. This was a new idea and I wasn’t sure I should be trying to pitch a second book when I hadn’t finished the first. I turned on my cell phone to check my messages. As expected, most of them were from Steph and a couple were from my parents. I returned my parents calls first and Steph’s second. I was thrilled when she didn’t answer. At least that would give me another day or two to decide. I left her a voice message just so she would know I wasn’t trying to avoid her even though deep down inside I was.

After I showered I laid across the bed in my robe. I had the entire day at my disposal but all I wanted to do was order room service and pay per view. When Imanme came in that evening was I still in the same position except trays from my order were throughout. “Why didn't you go anywhere?” He asked. “How did you know I didn’t go anywhere? Are you watching me?” I said playfully. “No, but the driver and Big Rich told me you were in the room all day just a minute ago.” He looked down at his card. It was where he left it from this morning. Untouched.

“So what did you do all day?” “I ate and watched movies.” When I heard the words I realized how ridiculous it sounded. It was my first day in China and all I did was eat American food and watch American movies. “I took a nap too!” I tried to make my day sound a bit more interesting, but to no avail. “I leave you my card and tell you to get whatever you want, and all you spent was 10 dollars on movies,” he laughed at my simplicity. “50 dollars,” I said wrapping my arms around his neck. “I ordered room service too.”

I was content staying inside for today but tomorrow I planned to shop. He would regret mocking me.

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