Chapter One, Page 29

I had 7 voice messages from Stephanie when I checked my phone. I could no longer avoid returning her calls.  The envitable was staring me in my face. I took a sip of my mimosa then dialed her number. “Sequoya when can you fly to Washington? I can’t hold your position any longer. You agreed to be their spirit coach. You’ve had time with your family. It’s time to get this contract signed.” She wasn’t playing games. “Hello to you too.” “When can you be in Washington?” She restated. “Maybe the end of the week, or Monday.” I was very unsure of my answer. She could tell. “What’s going on with you? This is not the hungry girl I met last year. You’ve changed.” She was right. When I met her I was handing out postcards begging people to read something, anything I had written. She said she liked my passion then invited me to lunch. She told me my ideas could use some tweaking but she could sell them. We shook hands agreeing to a partnership over cold sandwiches and hot soup.

“I, just. I just have a lot going on. I’ll be there Monday. Just give me until Monday. I promise come hell or high water I will be there Monday, August 31st.” She remained silent. “Hell or high water, Steph!” She finally caved. “I can’t stand you,” she laughed. “This is important to us both. We are about to make history. You get that right?” “Yes, I do. I’m sorry for all the bullshit. I’ll be there Monday.” We ended the call.

I must figure out the perfect time to tell Imanme I’m leaving.

Chapter One, Page 30

I got back in bed thinking how much my life had spiraled. What seemed to be ephemeral took years. Imanme will be happy to hear about the progress that is taking place. I didn’t get to tell him last week. That was my fault but I will share my wonderful news the moment he walks though the door.  I heard it shut. What is he doing back so soon? He was only gone a few hours.

“Hey baby,” I welcomed him. “Are you back already?” He had a questionable look. He said nothing. Imanme took off his suit coat to lay down behind me. He wrapped his arms around me tight kissing my cheek. His lips stayed somewhere on my body. “I’m fine now that I’m here with you.” I couldn’t speak for him but I knew when I was with him everything in my life was enhanced. Now was the time to tell him about Monday.”



“I have to leave soon.” He became incoherant.

“I know.”

Chapter One, Page 31

Over the next couple of days Imanme didn’t touch me. He laid on his side of the bed while I laid awake on mine. Few words were exchanged. Finally, I asked “Are you sure you are okay?” My eyes begging him to touch me. “Yea.” He replied, then went in the next room.

“Binky?” I asked the next night. “Do you want me to go ahead leave?”

He stood there with eyes of gold then came towards me. “Sequoya darling…no…I want you to stay.” He looked into my eyes. “I love you.” He showed it daily but he wasn’t the type that said it all the time. “Then stop treating me so cold. I love you too.” I sniffled letting tears of frustration run out of both eyes. “I’m sorry Pooh Bear. It’s just going to be hard not having you around but I’m so proud of you. Really, I am.” He kissed my forehead, then my cheek before a stop at my lips. His hands held my waist as we hugged, kissed, and swayed without music.

He paused only to gaze into my eyes and smile before easing my panties down toward my ankles.  He looked up and bit that lip.

“Step out.”

Chapter One, Page 32

I did as I was told.

He carried me to the bed with my legs wrapped around his waist.

He turned me over so I was laying on my stomach. Face down. Ready for his best. He spread my legs apart then ran his hands up my thighs, over my ass, up my back and onto my shoulders. Imanme’s right hand moved my hair exposing my left cheek. “You ready?” I bit my lower lip before I nodded yes. I gripped the pillow with my right hand. He placed his left hand over mine as he enter me. He nibbled the back of my neck driving me wild. That’s my spot. He knew it. I exhaled, “Baby…you…feel…so…good.” Perfect rhythm. Imanme was pounding me like I liked. I wanted to feel this way forever. He promised I could.

I rose to position him on his knees. He sat back on his heels as a backed my ass up on his dick. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. He started with one hand in the middle of my back. Then he placed both hands on my waist. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Just like he liked. I had him going now. 

“Say my name.”

Chapter One, Page 33

He fell over. Exhausted. Fulfilled.

“Get on your back.” I wasn’t done.

His dick was still hard as stone. I placed my hands on his chest then dropped down on it. He moaned with me. Imanme told me his dick was sensitive after he came. I didn’t care about that tonight. I was horny. I wasn’t ready to cum. I wanted to feel him inside of me for as long as I could since I’d be leaving Monday morning. There was a slip and slide between my legs. His dick slipped and slid, in and out. I started to roll my hips calling his name. 

I placed his hands above his head. I didn’t want him to touch me. That would make me cum if I felt his strong, powerful hands anywhere on my body. His hands rested behind his head as I regained my composure. “Ba-by,” I said finding my rhythm again. “I love you.” “I know.” He was the only man that could be arrogant when it came to my love. He owned it. He knew it. “Tell me you love me,” he said. “I…love…you.” “Now tell me you love my dick.” “I…love…your…” My body tensed cuming before I could finish. My whole body shook. Then my toes curled.

I looked into his beautiful eyes. “I love your dick.”

“I know.”

This was life with Imanme.

“Sequoya darling,” I rested in his arms. I was happy and in love.“I want to make this permanent. I want you to stay with me for forever. I have enough money for us both. Forget the NFL and the book deal. Let me take care of you.”

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