Chapter One, Page 7

Today I was up before Imanme. After showering, getting dressed, and  looking myself over in the mirror he said, “Oh, you are serious today. Are you sure you don’t want to lay in bed and watch movies?” “Nope! I’m out of here partner.” I glossed my lips and headed to give him a kiss goodbye. When I got within reach he pulled me down onto the bed with him. “I may not let you go anywhere.” His hands headed under my shirt. “Stop it,” I said swatting his hand. “You can have that later.”

“Are you really not going to give me any before you leave?” He said and looked down at his pitched tent. “Nope,” I said again, “but I will let you think about it all day.” I stood in front of him so he could see the show. I unzipped my capris and stuck my hand in my panties. I put my middle finger inside me just long enough to make him want it even more. “Is this what you want?” I whispered. He looked pleased that I had changed my mind. I removed my finger from inside of me to place it in his mouth. He licked it dry.

“Think about me today, okay.” I grabbed his card, zipped my pants and headed for the door. “By the way, what’s my limit?”

“There’s no limit, but that’s how you’re going to do me?” Imanme’s breathing increased, “You plan to leave me here on hard?” “Yup!”

I was halfway down the hall when it hit me. I’m no quitter. I finish everything I start.

I turned around.

Chapter One, page 8

​When I walked back in our room he was where I left him. “My girl,” he smiled. I left my clothes on the floor by the door. He stood up to greet me properly. Imanme loved sex in the morning. He always said there was no better way to start the day. He kissed my shoulder then grabbed two handfuls of my ass. I hopped up so he could hold me up against the wall.

He slid inside of me and exhaled. I knew he loved it. I loved it too. I worked with him just like he liked. My arms were wrapped around his neck and shoulders as he glided in and out of my wetness. Imanme had perfect rhythm. He could make my body do things that I didn’t know were possible. I begin to tense as I looked him in his eyes. A mixture of chills and sweat permeated my body. “See what you almost missed,” he said. “I know baby but I’m no fool. That’s why I came back.” Next he laid me on the bed. He put my legs over his shoulders and started to dig his dick deep inside of me. Not only was Imanme good to me but he knew how to make my pussy stream. He taught me.

“Cum for me baby,” he said. Like clockwork, I did. He was right behind me. Imanme could work the boardroom and the bed like magic. He locked his body into mine and came. After we both climaxed he stayed inside of me and we kissed. First he kissed my lips, then he licked and sucked on my neck. He took his time with everything he did making sure I knew he was in the moment. I had never experienced love or sex like this. I was hooked. I forgot about shopping and he forgot about work.

We rested in each other’s arms. I wanted him to be the first to know. “I’ve made a decision…I’m going to go to the NFL. Think I’ll announce it Monday.”

Chapter One, Page 9

I called Steph first thing. “Where have you been?!” She had a right to be mad. “Sequoya you can’t just fall off the earth like that.” “I know, I know.” I tried to smooth it over. “But I’ve made a decision.” I paused for her reaction but she remained silent, “I’m going to the NFL.”

“Well praise God!” She clowned, “The girl has finally made a decision.” “Yeah, yeah. Get your jokes out. I needed this time to make sure its what I wanted. Now I’m certain.” “I understand but when I can’t reach you I panic. Again, you can’t ignore me. At least answer the phone and tell me what you’re thinking. If we are going to have a good working relationship we have to communicate boo.” She was right. I apologized promising to never do it again. “I can probably arrange the meeting in a day or two. Everyone will be happy with your decision.” I interrupted, “I can’t meet that fast. I’m out of town and I don’t think I’ll be back until next week sometime.” “You can’t fly there and then fly back?” “I’m in China, so not exactly.” “China!”

I wasn’t about to get into that story with her. At least not right now. “Just set things up before preseason starts. I will definitely be back by then.” “Anything you say. What about the book?” She asked. I admired her for getting all her questions answered while she had my attention. “No deal on New York. I want to write my own book, but I promise to have it done as soon as possible.” She was satisfied and so was I. For now.

When Imanme got in that evening he told me I should wait on publicly announcing my decision. He said a lot of people will want to talk to me and I can’t do any interviews from here. I agreed, called Steph back and told her to set up the meeting but wait on going public. “That’s fine,” she said “but you must call me first thing when you’re back in the states.”


Chapter One, Page 10

“Wake up Sweetheart,” he said. A smile took the form of my lips. “I have a surprise for you.” Normally I could guess what it was but this time Imanme had a different plan in store for me. He loved to make me happy. It was a first and I enjoyed his effort. “I’m up baby.” I wiped the sleep out of my eyes to better focus. He had this goofy grin across his face like he knew something important that I didn’t. “What are you up to?” I asked. “Nothing,” I felt he was lying. “I missed you.” “Really?” “Yea…really,” he said.

Imanme said he wasn’t going to work today. He said he would take a couple calls from the room but he wanted to spend another day alone, just the two of us. “Cool,” I said. “What should we do first?” “Let’s watch old movies in bed.” I teased him, “You want to spend the day watching old movies in bed with me?” “Yes, I do.”

I got up to wash my face and brush my teeth as he yelled out names of movies that we could watch. When he got to one of my favorites I stopped him. “Let’s watch that one I screamed from the bathroom.” “Sequoya you don’t know nothing about The Last Dragon.” “Boy, I grew up on that. We watched that movie all the time at my grandmother’s house.” I gave him my best impression of Vanity, “You sure look like a master to me,” I said as I picked my hair like her. He laughed leaning back on the bed. I could be myself with him, no matter how silly I got.

After that went off we agreed to watch Titanic. We both enjoyed love stories no matter how tragic the ending. It was lunch before we knew it. Imanme sent Big Rich, his right hand man, for takeout. I took this opportunity to absorb the way he thought. Such a great thinker. “I have an idea,” I started. “Let me hear it,” he smiled and bit his bottom lip. He loved my enthusiasm. I loved when he bit his lip. He bit it earlier when I was on top. The only difference is his eyes were closed earlier.

“What if we changed the name of police officers to peace officers? Same role, different name. We have to change the way people think.” “Sequoya darling, what makes you think people want to change?”

Chapter One, Page 11

“Most people don’t accept change unless it benefits them. We must show them how they benefit and it will spread like wildfire.” He wanted to counter but instead he listened. “Imanme I’m tired of fighting, hoping, praying, and wishing that things would get better. We have an opportunity to see real change if we start with the way people think. We have to plant the seed mentally before anything happens physically.” I had him but I drew closer so he could feel my sincerity. “To top it off, it costs nothing to get started.” He was smiling now. “Let me think about it,” he said.

“So now you want to be a politician?” He finally asked.

“Definitely not! NFL…remember??”

Chapter One, Page 12

I spent the following day shopping. Imanme said he wanted to take me out that evening to dine at his favorite local restaurant. The food was exquisite and we both indulged. I never thought I’d see the day we were both too full to have sex. He rubbed his belly as I moaned with discomfort. “Ugh,” I said. “What do you want to do tonight? Its still kind of early?” He looked at me then we smiled and said simultaneously, “Monopoly!”

We were very competitive partners. We competed over jenga, chess, checkers, connect 4, and our favorite Monopoly. I was the queen but he couldn’t absorb it.

I was the undisputed champion. At every opportune moment he tried to take my title. “I’m feeling generous tonight so I’ll beat you in less than 2 hours and not drag this slow death out too long,” I said talking trash. He loved it. “Just set up the board.” He reached to untie his shoes getting comfortable. “I let you win so you’ll think I’m a gentleman but tonight we’re enemies!”

I stared at him from across the board. Our days were numbered here. I worried about what would happen to us once I moved to Washington for the season but I was too afraid of the answer to mention it tonight. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “Nothing,” I lied. “Pooh bear you can’t lie to me. Tell me what’s wrong baby?” I loved my new nickname. “Where is this going?” I asked, motioning my finger between the two of us. He smiled knowing I was worried again. He spent hours making me feel secure because of my past. “Wherever you want it to go?” He said and kissed me to seal the deal.

I really wanted to believe him. “Get naked,” he demanded. I loved how he took control. “Make me,” I said. “So that’s the type of night you want?” He asked crawling across the board to get to me. He placed his hand over my neck then kissed my lips. Even when he was rough he was gentle. He ripped the front of my blouse causing buttons to go everywhere. Next he unhooked my bra taking my nipple in his mouth.

Chapter One, Page 13

He widened his mouth to ingest my areola making my toes curl. First the right, then the left, and straight down the middle he kissed. He made a pit stop at my navel before he headed for my panty line. I looked down at the top of his head feeling like the luckiest woman in the world.

We heard a vibrating noise coming from his suit coat pocket that he had draped over the chair. He took the call in the other room while I waited patiently for his return. It wasn’t until I started to undress myself that I noticed his cell phone on the night stand by the bed. So what phone is that? I thought. Who is calling this time of night? “I’m sorry but we have to leave immediately,” he said interrupting my thoughts. “Right now?” I asked but I heard him the first time. Imanme never joked when it was time to go. “Are you going to tell me what’s going on?” I asked placing my clothes in my suitcase.

“It’s nothing that you should be concerned about.” He phoned Big Rich to awake his entourage. The fantasy was over. Imanme was quiet the flight. I rested on his shoulder falling asleep with my head in his lap. I felt his hands rubbing the side of my face to awake me. “We’re back,” he said. I didn’t want to leave him but I had no choice. It was time for me to return to my life, and time for him to return to his.

Imanme had a car waiting for me at the airport. I refused to let him see but I cried the entire drive home.

Chapter One, Page 14

The first few days without Imanme were always the hardest. Today I kept myself busy. I cleaned an already clean house, washed clothes, read magazines, exercised and it was only noon. My meeting was 2 weeks away. I wished I had told Steph to set it up sooner. I agreed to later when I thought I’d be traveling with Imanme. As the day grew long I kept my phone close. I wanted to talk to him but he hadn’t called me. I thought about calling the emergency number he gave me but this was no emergency. I just wanted to hear him laugh.

I relaxed into a glass of wine by nightfall. I should’ve been writing but I had no motivation. I’d never admit this to Imanme but I felt powerful when I was with him. Like I could do anything, be anything great. When we were apart I felt lost, like I couldn’t function. This was my routine until I snapped back into my normal driven self. I planned to revise a chapter a day once I got out of my funky mood. Maybe two chapters on really good days. The first time I heard about revisions I was attending a writer’s conference in Dallas, Texas. That word once terrified me. Tonight I smiled. It meant I was one step closer to getting my book in stores.

Not sure what refill I was pouring when I heard his ringtone. I rushed to answer. “Hey baby,” I said. “I miss you!!”

“I’m sorry Pooh Bear, I meant to call last night.”

Chapter One, Page 15

​I crawled into bed for my nightly phone call with Imanme. “Warning, I’ve had wine,” I joked as I nestled under my blanket. “Are you warning me so you don’t have to apologize in the morning?” “No I’m telling you so you will let me have my way tonight. I’ve missed you all day. Its the only way I knew how to deal with not being with you. I wasn’t sure you would call since you didn’t last night.” He apologized again although I was past it. We were talking now. That’s all that mattered.

“Did you work on your book today?” “No but I thought about it. I have a plan for the next couple of weeks to get me started. Tomorrow I’m going to look for places to stay in Washington. I think I want to rent a furnished apartment. My deal is only for one year. There is no need to get anything long term.” “You could make it long term depending on how the year goes.” “That’s true,” I said. “I just don’t want to get my hopes up too high. Its a miracle they’re entertaining me at all.”

“So what exactly will you be doing?” “Nothing,” I replied. “They’re going to let me stand by coach and smile.” Imanme found this fact hilarious. “Only you would find a way to get paid for watching football and smiling.”

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