June 17, 2017

“ROLL CALL!!!!!” He growled to the lions listening ears. Everyone came to attention. “Let’s see who is here,” he continued.


“Trayvon, are you here?”


“Yes father, I am.”










“Sean Bell?”


“I’m here.”


“Eric Garner?”


“Over here Boss.”


“Rekia Boyd?”




“Amadou Dialo?”




“Mike Brown?”




“Kimono Gray?”




“Kennth Chamberlain?”




“Travres McGill?”




“Tamar Rice?”




“Alayna Stanley?”




“Freddie Gray?”


“Back here.”


“And our final member. Everyone please give a warm welcome to Mr. Philando Castile.”


“As you have all been where he stands today you understand what happens next. Be patient while I explain it to him. Philando continued to stand while everyone else seated. He recognized the faces but the last he remembered they had died and he was still living. No, wait a minute. We had just been stopped by the police. “Philando please stay with me. Your mind is about to start to race. Everyone in the room went through a similar thing. I want you to take a seat and let the reality of where you are sink in. Tonight is Travyon’s turn to tell what happened. Your time will come.” Sandra got out of her seat and helped him. It was setting in. That mutha fucker killed me, he thought. 


“Trayvon. The floor is yours.”


“Thank you,” he rose taking center. “I was walking home one night when I was followed, attacked, and killed.”


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