Dear Seahawks,

August 19, 2017

You will never know how much I love you. The only thing I love more is the thought of one day being blessed with a son and him not having to fear for his life if he is pulled over by the police. It breaks my heart that I can not fully support the loves of my life. That would be YOU just in case you haven’t been paying attention over the last several years. I hope you guys have a wonderful season. Continue to be the amazing team I’ve come to know and love. Just to show I was prepared for the season listen to my final playlist I made for you. Thought I’d do something different for the last one :) Love you to the moon and back. Your Big Sis, Sequoya


Disney Playlist

1. Can you feel the love tonight- The Lion King

2. A whole new world- Aladdin

3. Kiss the girl- The Little Mermaid

4. Hakuna Matata- The Lion King

5. Tale as old as time- Beauty and the Beast

6. Something there- Beauty and the Beast

7. Belle- Beauty and the Beast

8. Let it go- Frozen

9. I just can’t wait to be king- The Lion King

10. Be prepared- The Lion King 


I will not support the NFL until Collin Kaepernick has a job. 

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