Dear Michael Bennett,

September 7, 2017

My fellow Seahawks Brother. I hate you had a traumatic experience in Vegas. When word of your unfortunate news spread to Oklahoma all I could think was damn…again! My heart hurts for you but it mourns for the black men who have no voice, or worse, whose voice has fallen on deaf ears. At this point its not even a question whether or not injustices such as your own are occurring, it is, they are, and they always have been. What are we going to do about it? I have solution. I want nothing from you but to see real change occur in our community. If you are willing to listen I’m ready to share my idea that will work. I DO NOT NEED YOUR MONEY but I do need a bit of your time.


I’m so sorry you had that experience. Lemonade? Hope to hear from you soon.


Your Big Sis and Teammate in Spirit,



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